Yesterday Was a Country Song

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

By Erin Allen

Wind turbines in Texas

Thursday's long drive ended in some great beer, one of the best French dip sandwiches I've ever had, good conversation and promises of tomorrow. Friday began with peanut butter pie for breakfast and the excitement of being one day closer to my final destination. At a leisurely pace I took to the open road, playing a bit of cat and mouse with my friend Sara, as our cruise controls competed with one another.

At one point, passing through a very wind-swept Texas, I felt a sense of serenity driving through the large wind farms -- the turbines are actually quite beautiful, seemingly in a synchronized dance with each other, keeping the beat with what I had on the radio (it was The Cure's "Pictures of You," by the way).

The destination was Amarillo, Texas, for a pit stop and to check out a fun roadside attraction. Then WHACK. A rock hit my car and made a little crack on the driver's side of the windshield. I was certainly miffed, but I kind of chalked it up to how windy and dusty it was and tried to forget about a little boo-boo in my peripheral. Not too much later, something out of the blue flew up and hit my driver's side mirror and flew off. I didn't think anything of it -- road detritus that I hadn't seen as I was flying down the interstate, the wind likely the culprit. Pulling over for gas, the look on Sara's face approaching my car was priceless. Apparently, what I thought had been something from the road flying up to hit my car was actually my car flying up to hit my car. A small panel from my hood had decided to jump ship. And, thus, the country song ...

"My windshield is cracked, it ain't looking good.

The wind was a bitch, she took a part of my hood ..."

Needless to say, I'm bummed. There's something to be said about these hiccups in the road. And, car hiccups are the worst, especially when you no longer have a steady source of income. For every step forward, there is always a step back. Or bump in the road.

I won't be deterred -- or detoured, either. (Yay, puns!) And, my car can't look any worse than the hollowed out caddies at Cadillac Ranch ...

Today, we should make it to Durango, where the adventure really begins. And also a call to Safelight. And sourcing Toyota FJ Cruiser hood parts.

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