Storage Wars

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

By Erin Allen & Sara E Walker

Semi-empty storage unit

Thinking of our lives in terms of storage space is somewhat novel to us. We spend all this time amassing stuff, and just how much stuff is never as apparent as it is when you're moving. However, an empty house is an empty canvas, one just waiting to be painted and outfitted in all your glory.

Cars, U-Boxes and storage unit

Not so much for us. Our new place in Colorado comes furnished, so, in effect, we have two households to choose from. At this point, most of the stuff we transported from D.C. currently lives in a 10x20 storage unit. The other day, we were two gals, two cars and three U-haul U-boxes away from planting roots in our new town. And, we still have a bit to go.

Sara, the handywoman

Erin identifies with her stuff -- particularly the furniture pieces her Dad built -- so the house isn't quite a home just yet. However, Sara -- ever the optimist -- sees the new digs like a puzzle piece, partially finished but fitting in our identity into this new space.

Also, in our situation there comes the inevitable questions: Are we really going to need this? Will we ever use [insert item(s) name]? Why didn't I give this away before we moved? It's almost as if moving our stuff into storage has become a lesson of freedom vs. hoarding. And, with this experience comes the ensuing "I will never do this again" or "I'm getting rid of everything the next time" statements.

Yet, the stuff remains in storage, and over the next few days we'll be transferring piece by piece to and from to fully ensconce ourselves into our new home -- until we do it all over again to wherever we may move next some day with likely all our beloved stuff in tow.

A very full storage unit

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