Learning To Be Local: The Beginning

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

By Erin Allen & Sara E Walker


Moving to another state does not often conjure ideas that one will have to "learn" to live there. As we have found on our cross-country trek, going from one side of the United States to another brings about the need to acclimate ourselves to a new setting and lifestyle.

Last Saturday we attended Silverton's Annual Skijoring Competition. Though we had never heard of this before, we learned that it was inspired by the 1928 Olympic demonstration of the sport. Along with about 300 onlookers, we were posted on historic Blair Street to watch several skiers being pulled upwards of 40 mph by horse and rider as they traversed a course full of jumps, slaloms and plastic rings they had to grab by hand.

Jacket not needed

In our first week, we have worn way too many clothes while others were in shorts and flip flops, slipped our way in and out of stores on the icy and slushy ground, enjoyed sudden 5"-plus snow showers and doused ourselves in sunscreen in the dead of winter. We've started to work out our system of recycling since we have to drop it off in town. We even spent this afternoon getting a lesson of sorts on snowboards and making connections in town to ensure we get a great deal. (If we are going to be local, we do need to learn to board or ski after all.) We've driven around town, giddy with excitement, discovering all the little nooks and crannies and local establishments -- all the while trying not to look too out of place.

Loading up the recycling

Soon will come the more business side of things -- we need doctors, local insurance agents (Erin still needs to get her windshield fixed at some point), new drivers licenses and plates and all the other mundane to-do items that come with moving to a new town.

We look forward to the other quirky, to us, things that we will learn, experience and enjoy as we continue to settle. Next week we'll get a little a taste of home (at least for Erin) as we experience Durango's finest Fat Tuesday celebration at a local brewery. Surprisingly, it comes complete with crawfish, gumbo and fried turkey!

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