Movin' On Up

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

By Erin Allen & Sara E Walker

Two years in the making, the idea of our own consulting firm has been a work in progress – not only as professionals, continuing to hone our craft, but also as people learning to take control of our own lives. We began with a living room wall full of brainstorming notes to figure out who we are and what expertise we would offer. Now, Buttoned Up Consulting is live.

Our name evolved from us thinking about how we, as professionals, could be both contemporary and edgy and offer a highly educated and skilled service to a variety of businesses and individuals. We'll pull up our collars or let our hair down – our versatility is a key element in who were are.

Though we have been consulting officially for a while now, building this website was a lesson in our own respective disciplines. While we know what we do and what we're good at, it's definitely been an exercise in finding our niche. And, we do realize that this may be an evolving process, as we continue to learn, continue to understand clients' needs and adjust how we may fit.

We are excited at the continuation of this next step in our lives and look forward to seeing what happens next.

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