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Working and Wine-ing

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

By Erin Allen & Sara E Walker

Things around here in Durango have gotten pretty interesting lately. In case you missed our last post, we started our own consulting business, Buttoned Up, focusing on strategies and solutions for businesses, individuals and organizational communication. Our niche marries both of our respective disciplines in human resources, organizational psychology, lean business and strategic communication.

Dean with his dog Max

And, even though this is big news, it's not the only thing we've got cooking. A local we recently met told us that most Durangoans work at least two jobs — many of them own their own business and also work a side gig. We have found this to be true for us as well. The multi-job decision seems to be a product of so many neat things to do in our new town.

Dana, the wine maker

About two months ago, we began working with Durango's first and only winery, Four Leaves Winery. Our fun includes all facets of the operation, as well as the opportunity to consult with the owner, Dean (pictured above), on his new growth. We love talking with the customers about the wonderful wines he offers. We bottle, we label, we manage the winery's V.I.P membership and social media, we write the monthly newsletter. We chase around the true owner of the winery — Max, the chihuahua. And, soon, we will be learning wine making from his vintner, Dana (pictured right).

We've had the opportunity to do some pretty interesting events — albeit all in a day's work. We rode the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad's annual wine train (even though we were more guests than working participants). We wined with wolves at a preview party for Wolfwood Refuge's annual art auction. And, next weekend, we'll be in Palisades for the Colorado Mountain Winefest.

Erin has talked before about working odd jobs. Granted, working at a winery isn't necessarily one of them. But, the point is, we're feeling more free to explore a variety of jobs and doing things simply because we want too. Cheers!

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