Looking Back on the Last Year

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

By Erin Allen & Sara E Walker

It has been a year since we willingly walked away from our careers and lives in the DC area. Though it was like jumping off a cliff into the dark, we can both agree that a year into this new adventure and it was without a doubt the best decision we have made.

So far, we have worked on a farm, worked in a winery, completed a Class 3 Raft Guiding Certification, learned to shred at the Sheride snowboarding camp, paddle boarded, taken a few trips on the historic Narrow Gauge Railroad, continued our roller derby journey, became friends with wolves, seen so many animals we feel like we live in a zoo, hiked many miles to see breathtaking views and enjoyed a variety of trips throughout the Four Corners area.

We've definitely had some ups and downs professionally. While our work at the winery was quite enjoyable, it was also short-lived. Living the gig life is hard work. And, it's been somewhat exhausting reflecting on and reevaluating ourselves at every turn, much less worrying about all the adulting we need to do -- paying bills, budgeting, saving and sending out those resumes or consulting proposals, to name a few.

Each of us have had our own reflections throughout this journey (see "Erin's Story" and "Sara's Story") that have been quite illuminating. From world-concuring excitement and light bulb moments to trepidation and second guessing our decisions, we've run the gamut of emotions.

So, what will this next year bring? Much like our own personal reflections, we both have our own resolutions. This year has already proven to be off to a fantastic start. As best friends and business partners, together we have new ideas, opportunities and projects in the works that will prove to be life-changing. As always, stay tuned to this blog and like our Facebook page to follow along with us!

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