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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

By Erin Allen

And, I'm back on it. Once upon a time, I used to do quite a bit of theater. Life and other hobbies and musical pursuits had me exit stage right (or left) for quite some time.

This past October, I made my Durango debut in the Henry Strater Theatre's annual production of "The Rocky Horror Show." It's quite the Halloween tradition here in town. I was cast as Magenta, which is definitely a bucket list role. And, what an experience! It was fun that I desperately needed to have. So much fun that I'm hoping to make it an annual tradition of my own.

Being involved made me realize how much I've missed theater. There is something almost indescribable about being on stage and the feeling of rapt attention from the audience. I've been a performer and singer all my life, yet that feeling never gets old.

Also, theater people are a pretty fantastic group. They get the attention-loving diva that I am -- because they are basically the same way! And, with Durango being a small town, those relationships can really be cultivated.

I'll be ushering 2019 in with more stage experiences. In January, I'll be part of an act for Durango's infamous Snowdown follies. Think vaudeville with lots of local humor and lip synching. That will be followed by "Mamma Mia," put on by local theater group Merely Players. No bucket list role here, as I'm simply in the chorus. But, I'll get to really stretch my dancing shoes.

Beyond that, I hope to take to the stage with other performances. Durango has a pretty thriving theater scene with plenty of opportunities. Who knows what role will be next?!

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