In the Clear

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

By Erin Allen

And, scene! Surgery over and back home within an hour or so after it all yesterday. It was kind of amazing how quickly I was ushered out. Something the post-op nurse said struck me as a bit odd, but positive. She said I was the first of her patients to ask all the questions I did after surgery. So, she felt pretty confident that I would be okay and do well in recovery. Weird, though. Doesn't everybody ask questions?

I received a nerve block on my leg as part of my anesthesia, which kept me feeling pretty weird for a while. It's like my leg was just a dead weight. It was pretty challenging to maneuver around because of the lack of sensation. But, at least there was no pain.

Getting home was a bit of a chore. I have lots of steps, and with the leg so numb, the crutches were kind of a bitch. I scooted up the two flights of stairs outside and the two flights of stairs inside on my butt. I admit, I cried a little. It was so hard, and I felt so helpless and weak. Sara was, of course, with me and so helpful. But, the entire experience was hard and somewhat demoralizing.

There was a little more crying once I got situated in my room. Honestly, the tears kind of came out of nowhere, since I've was feeling pretty calm through most of the day. Maybe it was just coming down from the experience and the need for release after a pretty exhausting day.

I received cadaver tissue for the ACL reconstruction (yay, zombie parts!) and three stitches to repair my meniscus. The cadaver tissue is kept in place by two medically bioabsorbable screws that will naturally dissolve over time, thus preventing me from having to keep permanent hardware in my knee or otherwise have them removed. Science is pretty cool!

I'll be four to six weeks non-weight bearing because of the meniscus repair, so hopefully I'll get better with those crutches. Physical therapy starts next Monday.

Recovery starts now, but I'm frustrated about the long-term non-weight bearing. I plan to actually get out of the house regardless; however, the challenge in mobility is getting me somewhat emotional. Especially, when I do start thinking about finally being able to put weight on it. Am I going to have to practically relearn how to walk on that leg? And, of course, now that I'm out of surgery and laid up, I am starting to think about life post-rehab and getting back into activity. I'll get back to doing the things I love, but there is a fear in returning to it all.

I should give a huge shout out to Dr. Gareth Hammond and Animas Surgical Hospital for their care. Also, apparently there may be pictures from my surgery. I'll try to get my hands on those and share!

As always, thanks everyone for following along. Stay tuned for more!

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