A Bit of a Recap

By Erin Allen and Sara E Walker

Hello dear readers! It certainly has been a while since our last update. To say that 2019 was challenging is a bit of an understatement. With Erin's ACL surgery and rehab, some personal drama and professional setbacks for the both of us, last year certainly had its ups and downs. But, both of us came out on top and ultimately stronger, we think.

A Look Back

Erin's road to recovery had good days and bad. After completing several months of physical therapy, she hit a bit of a plateau in her recovery. There may be scar tissues and/or the meniscus repair didn't take. Where is she at now? Trying to get back into her usual physical activity and cross-training, particularly focusing on her knee and leg strength. "There may be another MRI in my future ..."

In 2019, we gained some new friends and removed others from our lives. Such is the way of things, with lessons learned.

Professionally, our lives took a bit of a turn. As we always do, we go for opportunities and are also more in tune in knowing when it's time to move on. While we both are still consultants in our respective fields (people development and communications), we found that we were looking for something more. Sound familiar? (That was one of the reasons why we moved out of D.C. and to Durango!)

In September of last year, we opened a restaurant, ATE-1122, located inside The Billy Goat Saloon, a really cool local dive bar. Neither of us have formal culinary training but have been home cooks all our adult lives. This is the era of the "Master Chef," is it not? We both come from families and hometowns with rich cooking histories, and we both have a keen interest in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

2020 certainly didn't start off as we had planned, with COVID-19 essentially putting a temporary halt to our lives and businesses. We had travel plans. We were this close to buying a food truck. We had parties to cater and cooking competitions to enter.

A Look Forward

Colorado's "stay-at-home" order has expired and moved into a "safer-at-home" policy, with businesses and services slowly opening back up. Our restaurant has been closed this entire time, but we are looking forward to getting ourselves back up and running when we can safely do so.

We've spent the last few weeks in quarantine devising new plans and projects to keep us busy and engaged. We're experimenting in the kitchen, we're learning new skills, we're rethinking our brand.

We haven't forgotten that this blog was intended to be an outlet for us to write about our adventures and experiments, the good and not-so-good experiences, various lessons learned and all the other things in between.

So, stay tuned for more updates and posts. After all, it's not like we don't have the time!

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