In the Kitchen

Updated: May 23, 2020

By Erin Allen and Sara E Walker

During the quarantine, we've been trying to come up with ways to keep ourselves engaged and occupied. As owners of a restaurant –ATE-1122 – we figured we should continue to hone our cooking chops by experimenting in the kitchen. According to the inter webs, we're not the only ones. It would seem everyone is trying their hands at baking bread and other goodies.

Not ones to simply cook random recipes, we decided to make these endeavors more of a challenge. Why not go through an entire cookbook, attempting to recreate (most of) all the recipes a la "Julie and Julia." Or, how about put ourselves through our own "The Great British Bake Off"? (You can find many of the recipes and challenges from several seasons on the internet.) Disney has released recipes to some of its most iconic treats -- maybe we'll try to pull off a little nostalgia. What about some famous festival foods? (Hello, Jazz Fest!) Who knows? Maybe our more successful attempts might make it as a special at our restaurant.

Also, for all you other seasoned cooks out there, feel free to drop a line with recipes to conquer or cooking tips (for when we're not so successful ...)

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