The Milk Bar Challenge

Updated: May 23, 2020

By Erin Allen

As mentioned in our previous post, we've been in the kitchen quite a bit during this quarantine. I've decided to take up a cookbook challenge in the vein of "Julie and Julia" but taking on Christina Tosi's "Milk Bar" cookbook.

Sara and I first fell in love with Milk Bar on one of our many trips to New York City, when we were living in Washington, D.C. I'd like to think we caught the bug just as the shop was becoming the phenomenon it is today and enjoyed its iconic compost cookies and crack pie before the majority of the dessert-loving world had their taste.

Admittedly, I loved Milk Bar before I even knew Tosi was the chef behind the helm. But, subsequently, I've come to appreciate her style and, well, genius. I mean, kudos to her for making a product out of something we all loved as children. Cereal milk! The best part of finishing your morning fruit loops or corn flakes! And, her compost cookies! These "kitchen sink" cookies have been around in family recipes or local bakeries likely forever, but she and Milk Bar have raised this treat to cult status.

Tosi's style in her cookbook also resonates. While some of her recipes seem intricate, her common-sense playfulness is what I appreciate. Many of her treats are multi-purpose and are cross-referenced in other recipes. In her cookbook, her style is simple, letting the food speak for itself. No overly done garnishes or decoration. As far as I'm concerned, she and Milk Bar made the idea of naked cakes trendy. Change my mind. (Because fondant isn't all that yummy.)

I'm attempting to attack these recipes over however-many days until I get through them all. I also may supplement this challenge with some of Tosi's baking club recipes found on her Instagram channel. She's been sharing some fun for the last several weeks of quarantine.

As a side note, I live in Colorado and my oven is not a convection oven. So, I'm dealing with altitude and a temperamental kitchen appliance.

All that said, wish me luck! I don't bake all that often and not to the level of some of these recipes. This will be an adventure, to say the least.

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